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Aboriginal Kinship Care Assessment Training Feb 1 & 2, 2022

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On Tuesday and Wednesday, 1st and 2nd Feb. 2022, we ran our first stand alone, generic training session at Parramatta. It was a great two days! The dynamics of the participants and the energy was wonderful.

We had participants from DCJ, Goodradigbee, Sydney Aboriginal Family Support Service, Creating Links and Challenge Community Services.

Training was facilitated by our wonderful Paula Hayden, Michelle Foster and Dr Karen Menzies (via zoom link).
We were able to give five kids in care a new laptop and case each, these kids were nominated by their agency. We were all very keen to hear the stories of how these laptops would help the child or young person.

We were very excited and pleased with the outcome of our very first session and look forward to many more in the very near future.

Winangay is looking forward to the coaching session to see how each of these lovely people have experienced using the tools and the feedback from our lovely kin families.

Great work participants!

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DCP Project

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It’s time to celebrate Winangay

Winangay won the “Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Child Placement Principle” award at the SA Child Protection Awards earlier today. Accepting the award on Winangay’s behalf was the Department for Child Protection's Aboriginal Lead Practitioner Annette Groat. Well done, Winangay!

#SAChildProtectionAwards #makingadifference #southaustralia

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