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Winangay Resources Exists to find stronger way with Aboriginal Kids and Families

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WinangayPNG 01 Artboard 1.png

Our Journey

In 2010, a group of concerned people Aunty Sue Blacklock, Paula Hayden, Gill Bonser came together due to their deep concern about the number of Aboriginal children in Out-of-Home Care and the lack of support for Aboriginal families. They were driven by a passion and determination to see change and better outcomes for Aboriginal Kids, Families and Communities. Karen Menzies joined and was followed by Flic Ryan this team was headed by Aunty Sue Blacklock and later included Clayton Blacklock following the departure of Flic Ryan.

The team were guided and supported in the development of the Aboriginal Kinship Care assessment tool, by an Aboriginal reference group comprised of Aboriginal practitioners and leaders, including  Noni Greenwood (Chair of Winangay). The reference group included Aboriginal and non Aboriginal academics. Academics. The Winangay Aboriginal Kinship Care tool was validated in 2010 by Dr Marilyn McHugh and Professor Marianne Berry (Director of the Hawke Institute, Australian Centre for Child Protection) and launched by Dawn Wallam Chair of SNAICC in November 2011 at the National Centre of Indigenous Excellence. 

The tools are trauma informed, strength based culturally safe they are infused by Aboriginal knowledge wisdom and world views and have strong evidence base. 

Over the years the team has changed and more recently Aunty Sue Blacklock retired in June 2021, Clayton Blacklock resigned in January 2021 and was followed by Gill Bonser in February 2021.

The team is led by Dr. Karen Menzies (Chair Winangay Resources) Michelle Foster (Vice Chair), Wade Mahoney (Secretary), Paula Hayden (Public Officer) and Kim Squires (Treasurer).

Our Patron Hon Linda Burney

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Want to join the Winangay Team?

Consider becoming a board member or a member of the development/training team.

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Find out more about our Mob

Our mob is made up of people who are passionate about Stronger ways with Aboriginal Kids and Families.

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