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Our Purpose

Stronger ways with Aboriginal Kids and Families

Winangay has developed assessment resources and tools that enable organisations and workers to work in stronger, trauma-informed and culturally safe ways with Aboriginal kids, families and communities.

The resources were developed and shaped by Aboriginal Elders, leaders, workers, academics and kids from across Australia and non-Aboriginal workers, and academics.

The tools were validated by Professor Marianne Berry (Former Director Australian Centre for Child Protection) Dr Marilyn McHugh (Research Fellow UNSW).

The resources are: 

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WinangayPNG 01 Artboard 1.png
WinangayPNG 01 Artboard 1.png

Evidence Based

Trauma Informed

Culturally Safe

Embed Self-Determination for Aboriginal Families, Kin and Communities

Who are we?

The Winangay team comprises of Aboriginal leaders, academics and two non-Aboriginal Team members.

Marianne-Berry validates Winangay Resources

I have been proud to have contributed to the validation of this innovative tool by validating the empirical support for the items included in the assessment and the method by which the assessment is

done.  While one of a kind in its approach to understanding and supporting Aboriginal carers, it is similar in scopeand value to other similar and widely used tools used with vulnerable and child protection populations.  No other assessment and case planning tool, to my knowledge, has been developed with as much involvement and critique by the population for which it is intended.  Australia should be proud of this contribution to the advancement of assessments that are sensitive to the needs of unique populations, and owes a great deal to the tireless work of the Winangay family.

Marianne Berry

Director, Australian Centre for Child Protection, 14 November 2011

What do we do?

Winangay have developed assessment resources and tools which enable organisations and workers to work in stronger, trauma informed and culturally safe ways.

Who uses Winangay Resources?




South Australia

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South Australia
Aboriginal Community
Controlled Organisations

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