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Award Winning

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These award-winning resources “embed a seismic shift in practice” (Professor Arney. F 2018) is provided to organizations via a two-day face to face course, followed 8 weeks after by a one-day coaching session, total for 3 days.

Participants will receive a resource bundle including assessment manual, a set of visual resources (Strength and Concerns Cards) a sample report are all included in the cost. Along with access to electronic resources including the interactive Final Report Template

Interactive engaging and stimulating training, on completion of the training workers will have the prerequisite skills, knowledge, and tools to enable them to work in trauma informed, culturally strong and collaborative ways, enabling workers, family members to tell their story their ways and develop collaborative actions plans to address worries, concerns and needs to set kids and families up to succeed.

A follow up coaching day (8 weeks later) will provide opportunities to revisit the original training, share practice insights and refine practice in undertaking assessments, writing competency-based trauma informed reports written in plain English to enable and empower family members.

As part of Winangay ongoing commitment to work with workers, organizations to build capacity Winangay would look to organizations demonstrate their competence in conducting competency-based trauma informed and culturally strong assessments. This evidence can be drawn from completed reports and feedback from family members.

Learning Outcomes

  • Review the impacts of previous child welfare policies on Aboriginal families and communities historically and now.

  • Gain an understanding of the lived experience of Aboriginal children, families and communities and what they may bring to the assessment process.

  • Review the evidence what works in assessing Aboriginal families and carers.

  • Use plain English to enable and empower families so they are clear about the what and the why of the assessment process and can fully participate in the process.

  • Learn by observation and direct application using the visual resources and cues designed to enable all families to drive and participate in the assessment process.

  • Develop collaborative action plans in which needs concerns and worries are identified which give rise to solutions which reflect the strengths, resilience of families and promotes safety for kids, belonging and permanency.

  • Participants strengthen and enhance their analytical skills using a rigorous, robust methodology drawing on a TRIPOD of evidence to determine with family if they can keep kids safe and meet their needs.

  • Promote Aboriginal self-determination through actively engaging Aboriginal Elders, community leaders and service providers in vouching for families and identifying strength of connections, and resourcefulness of families.

  • The training provides multiple opportunities to model strength based, trauma informed and culturally safe practice embedding deep listening, choice and control at every step so as to promote recognition relationships, healing and recovery.

What we have developed

These evidenced based, trauma informed, strength based, and culturally safe resources are accessible via training by Winangay Accredited Facilitators. The Winangay training reflect the strengths of the Winangay tools and approaches, the training is evidenced based, strength based, trauma informed and culturally safe and is designed to enable workers to work in stronger safer ways with Aboriginal Kids, Families and Communities.

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Cultural Immersion Training

Keeping Aboriginal Kids with Family

Aboriginal Provisional Care Assessment Tool

Aboriginal Kinship Care Assessment Tool

KiDs SAY Resources

Aboriginal Foster Care Assessments

Aboriginal Carer Review Assessment

Aboriginal Restoration Assessment Tools

Winangay Aboriginal Tools

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Winangay General Population Tools

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WinangayPNG 01 Artboard 1.png
WinangayPNG 01 Artboard 1.png
WinangayPNG 01 Artboard 1.png
WinangayPNG 01 Artboard 1.png
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Keeping Kids with Family

Provisional/Temporary Kinship Carer Assessment Tool

Kinship Care Assessment Tool

Carer Review Assessment

KiDs SAY Resources

Foster Care Assessments

Restoration Assessment Tools

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